Want My Proven Formula for Winning High-Paying Clients on Upwork?

Finally, a repeatable system for filling up your pipeline with ease

FACT: Most Freelancers Believe Upwork Doesn't Work for Finding New Clients

They don’t know how to compete (or even be seen) among the thousands of other freelancers on the platform.

They don’t know how to charge premium rates in a marketplace that’s seemingly dominated by bottom-feeder clients.

They don’t know how to write awesome proposals that reliably and consistently convert prospects into paying customers.

They don’t know how to effectively close clients and turn them into a repeatable source of income.

Yet, Upwork Continues to be the #1 Client Acquisition Channel for My Business

My first year on Upwork was like most. A slow grind that left me wondering if I was even cut out to be a freelancer.

But after moving to a low-cost country, living off my savings and fully committing to figuring out the whole “Upwork thing”, I finally developed a formula that works.

Today, even in a world of email, social media and job boards galore, Upwork is STILL my #1 channel for well-paid work.

So I Poured My Entire Upwork Formula Into This Video Training Course

The Upwork Formula is ticket to freedom, and it contains everything you need to know to turn Upwork into a repeatable lead generation machine.

Whether you’re a freelance writer, designer, developer, or you offer any other digital-based service, just follow the steps in the course and you WILL land clients.

Peak Inside The Members Area


A brief overview of Upwork and how it can be a hugely profitable client acquisition channel.

Account Setup

Getting set up on Upwork the right way and what it takes to pass Upwork’s strict approval process.

Profitable Niche

The importance of choosing a niche, and how to validate a profitable niche on Upwork.

High-Coverting Profile

The right way to use your Upwork profile to consistently convert prospects into clients.

Premium Pricing

How to skyrocket your rates while simultaneously attracting better Upwork clients.

Art of Job Selection

Why most people apply to the wrong jobs and what you need to see before sending a proposal.

Proposals That Work

How to write proposals and cover letters that engage clients and ultimately land you jobs.

Negotiation & Closing

A look at the interview phase and how to handle everything from price objections to closing.

Bonus Content

Various bonus content such as Q&A’s and real proposal teardowns.

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But Don't Just Take My Word For It

Questions & Answers

It covers some basics to get you started but quickly goes into the more advanced strategies. Whether you’ve been freelancing for years or you’re just getting started, there’s plenty in here to sink your teeth into.

Yes, absolutely. The principles behind this system remain the same regardless of whether you’re a writer, designer, developer, or any other profession you see on Upwork.

Nope. It’s a common belief that you can’t get work on Upwork unless you’ve got experience, qualifications or an existing portfolio. I succeeded without any of those things and I’ll show you exactly how I did it.

The course comes with a lifetime membership so you’ll have access to all the material forever. (Or until you die, I guess. :p)

If you go through the course, implement what I teach and somehow don’t get results, I’ll happily refund you within 30-days of purchase. (No refunds will be given if you don’t do the work.)

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Take A look At Some Of The Things You'll Learn In The Course

How to present yourself as a top-tier freelancer on Upwork and have clients falling over themselves to hire you.

How to skyrocket your rates while simultaneously attracting better Upwork clients into your business.

How to write Upwork proposals that make you the obvious choice over more experienced competitors.

How to create a steady, ongoing stream of work without having to continuously find new clients on Upwork.

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